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Not all milk powder is created equal. We settle for nothing less than the world’s finest, most nutritious New Zealand farm’s cow’s milk for good reason.

Anglomac Fullcream Milk Powder

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Premium quality full-bodied milk made by spray drying pasteurized whole milk. Fresh, pure and nutritious milk playing a crucial role in the nation’s nutritional balance. Anglomac milk with combination of natural vitamins & minerals provide complete essential nutrients for whole family.

Each serving of Anglomac milk contain approximately 5.55g of protein equal lent to 22.2 calories  & satisfies 30% of your daily calcium requirement.


Enriched calcium, protein & vitamin A, B1, B2, D
10 essential nutrients for healthy bodies and strong bones
Suitable for children above 12 months & adults
Highly recommended for ‘picky eater’ kids
No filler ingredients
No added sugar
Uses lactose, low calorie sweetener as natural sugar
Ideal option for calcium supplement
It makes 10 litters of delicious milk


Kids drink more milk from a bowl then a glass. Give them extra with cereal and they will always drink the milk.
According to studies, low calcium intake during childhood is associated with osteoporosis later in life. Let your kids get their steady stream of calcium with Anglomac milk!


Our bones continue to grow until age 30. Ensure your entire family keeps one strong by eating dairy & other foods rich in calcium & vitamin D.
Treat Anglomac milk as an alternative option for calcium! Anglomac milk can be used as a supplement because it can easily be mixed into drinks, shakes, puddings and even gravies to help provide extra calcium that your body needs.
It’s never too late or too early to do something about Osteoporosis.


Milk is isotonic. Once you’ve finished your workout or kicking the football ground, milk is a good option to aid your body’s recovery.


Sealed in high micron aluminium foil bag so it stays farm fresh for 18 months (Aluminium foil protects against oxygen and light to maintain the nutritional value and flavours of the food in the package in ambient temperatures).

We are serious about offering the right milk for you & your loved one. That is why Anglomac offers only premium milk made with extra care. What matter mostly to us is you can bring home high quality dairy goodness!